Technical Support

Demographic Analytics

Demographic analytics is one of the core aspect of facility management company, that’s why Our Demographic Analytics segregates mall visitors according to their age and gender for their mood analysis while moving around the space.

The more diverse the demographics are, the more attractive it becomes for retailers to occupy the space.

We can show demographics to your new occupants to know their target audience, also, let your current occupant stores highlight the selling opportunities appealing prominent demographics.

Mall Management Solution by VSQAURE Services provides shopping malls and retailers to measure visitor behaviour in their stores. The solution help occupant stores predict future behaviour to optimize and personalize the shopping experience.

Energy Analytics

Today, malls have evolved into multifunctional shopping solutions. To give unique experience to customers, shopping malls are using VSQUARE technology for energy-efficiency and optimization. Smart energy management systems help optimize heating systems and have become indispensable for improving overall shopping mall experience.

VSQUARE Services provide an efficient Smart Energy Management System for retailers and malls to improve their shopper’s experience that leads to an increased footfall and helps attract them more.


• Keep track of energy consumption of your entire facility

• Track energy reduction and keep a history for creating a baseline

• Identify individual machines consuming excess energy for better- optimized systems

• Track and forecast energy savings and reduce overall energy consumption

• Improve your shopper’s experience

Technical Backup

Pre- Planned Technical Backup is available, leads to proper response time and maintaining SLA’s.

Recruitment Support

Strong recruitment &compliance audit team all over India support by our group company.

24X7 Emergency Support

24/7,365Days round the clock breakdown support by our technical expert with well-equipped tools & tackles available on site.

Qualified Local Support

Organized in local teams and usually based on site, our technical experts continuously adapt to your requirements and process changes. They are trained in the skills required to ensure effective performance to serve your needs. Our people are responsible and motivated professionals with a long-term commitment to providing you with close- knit support.

Guaranteed Performance

We prepare with you a guaranteed performance contract ,based on a through audit, to cover all aspects of the required services, including plant efficiency, availability and performance, as well as uninterrupted power supply and reduction of costs. Our performance is measured by objective indicators and guaranteed by SLA and incentive systems. While freeing you from non-core tasks, we enable you to control and monitor this part of your operating costs more effectively.

We will deliver much greater efficiencies, quality and accuracy of information with the aid of our proprietary technology that is facility specific. This means that our systems will deliver to you the ability to easily access and analyze key information to support your business through improved decision-making capability.