Work flow

Three Successive Phases



Consultancy Design & optimisation Resource planning Workflow efficiency.



Facility takeover Governance Knowledge transfer Technology interface.


Full management

Assets management Financial management Occupant management & facilities management.


Special Services

Mall Management Functions

• Help Desk / Customer care

• Quality Control

• Energy management

• Environment, Health & Safety

• Liaison with property owners

• Inventory control

• Property management AMC / Warranty / Insurance management

• Licences / Compliance / Renewals

Services Management

• Electrical / Mechanical

• Security

• House Keeping

• Sanitary & Plumbing

• Pest Control

• Facade Cleaning

• Landscaping & Horticulture

• Catering, Vending & Cafeteria Management

• Parking Management

• Club Management

Utilities Management

• Fire Safety System

• Lifts & Elevator

• Water & Fire Pumps


• Access Control System

• Vertical Elevation Systems

• Backup Power Supply

Retail Stores Management

Our Retail Space Management and day-to-day operations are the most tailored and professional in the market.

It’s important for retail developers to consider mall management and the operation of retail spaces from the initial design stage. The VSQUARE services has built a mall management process which maximises efficiency, provides the sales & leasing team with additional selling points, helps eliminate financial risk for the developer, and enhances the developer’s reputation.

Our service delivery solutions optimise each retail environment and adapt as the retail space evolves. The VSQUARE Services sustainable services are supported by strong technical capabilities and market compliance, which delivers a high-quality service with a strong cultural fit.

Our customers can focus on their core business operations, safe in the knowledge that their retail centres and facilities are in good hands. We help our customers build the right foundations for future growth by optimising their mall infrastructure. Our service minimises interruptions to business and reduces costs while adhering to all statutory compliances.

The VSQUARE Services team of experienced mall managers ensure all aspects of operations are planned and maintained carefully. We understand that the slightest interruption to business impacts sales and profit, so our mall management is coordinated and executed at the highest level of professionalism. We are committed to creating the planning, staffing, communications, and coordination to guarantee customers enjoy every visit to your shopping center.

Vsquare Mall Management Consultancy

VSQUARE Mall Management Consultancy consists of work that is essential at the earliest stage of development planning to ensure that Mall Management is well organised, structured and not an afterthought to the development.

Well-structured Mall Management can become a sales tool and unique selling point, as can a well apportioned Management Service Fee, which eliminates financial risk to the developer while offering competitive rates to purchasers.

Mall Management Consultancy includes building every role and responsibility into a clear and understandable organisation map.

General Mall Management

• Optimizing operational cost / waste

• Optimizing capital expenditure costs

• Property inspections

• Tenant management

• Facility Management

• Customer service

• Emergency and safety protection

Tenant Coordination

• Space management

• Fitting-out manuals and guidance

• Retailer meetings & follow-up

• Retailer Services coordination

• General Retail centre and tenant control

• Hand Over Forms & Agreements

Walk-In Management

• Managing foot traffic

• Space efficiency Management

• Mall interiors enhancement

• Improve sightline / Visibility of the retail stores

• Events

Compliance Management

• Rules and regulation

• Rules and regulation

• Property inspections

• SOP Creation

• Customer service centers

• Control and oversight of operations

Day-To-Day Operations

• Contractor Tender Process

• MEP maintenance

• Cleaning

• Security

• Pest control

• Recycling and waste disposal

• Utility management

• Fire protection facilities

People Management

• Employees coordination

• Contracts

• Internal HR Policies

• Payroll and budgets

Financial Management

• Accountancy Practices and Procedure

• Insurance

• Budgeting

• Cash receipts and Income Collection

• Payment for Services

• Audit

Vsquare Services Advantages

Team Skills and Integration

Team and role specific training will be provided to ensure each team member is aware of their responsibilities and is able to fully contribute to the team. Team development and integration activities will be undertaken to support the transition of personnel into customer and the development of the new team.

High Level Risk Management

This high-level risk assessment study is to enable the Amps on-site staff to identify the major risk exposures in client properties, to determine the adequacy of the present risk management arrangements and to provide input to the site-specific risk assessments. Such risk exposures concentrate in three specific areas:

Financial Management

• Loss of life or serious injury (to the public and/or employees).

• Damage to client property and/or consequential damage – the damage limit being regarded as severe for individual properties.

• Adverse publicity towards the client arising from a life safety, security or criminal event.

Emergency planning

Emergency planning is an essential risk control process minimizing the chance of loss of life or serious injury. All emergency training, planning, and procedures conform to all applicable standards and requirements. Training is not just limited to these subjects. Emergency planning includes:

• Role of the Emergency Control Organization.

• Fire Emergency.

• Bomb Threat.

• Civil Disorder and Illegal Occupancy.

• Civil Disorder and Illegal Occupancy.

• Civil Disorder and Illegal Occupancy.

• Coping in an Emergency.

• Chief Warden training