Leasing Support

Vsquare Services Leasing Support

Retail Partners And Market Opportunities

We are experienced & specialized players in the retail & mall market, having formed strong relationships with growing brands and conglomerates. Savvy retailers know VSQUARE provides excellent opportunities, a high level of professionalism, diligence and commitment to long lasting relationships. We will use our existing network to give mall developers important leverage in the market.

Marketing Collateral

Retailers independently study and understand their market, so it’s important to clearly demonstrate your extensive knowledge of the local environment. With The Mall Company, you will have presentation material that is unrivalled in detail and professionalism. From the brand and identity of your shopping complex to fact sheets and technical guides, our marketing collateral will attract marquis retailers.

Negotiations, Contracts And Ongoing Service

Guiding prospective retail tenants through negotiations is one of VSQUARE specialties. We understand how the lease agreement will be implemented, the realities, the implications, the real-life impact. It’s this transparency and thoroughness that gives our existing retail clients peace of mind. We remove doubts by volunteering information on rules, regulations, conditions and laws. Over many years of conducting business, we have perfected an excellent sale and leasing methodology.

Retail Leasing

• Target Tenant Schedule

• Anchor and Sub-Anchor Tenants

• Priority Brands

• Leasing Marketing Strategy and budget

• Leasing document tracking and management

• Deposit payment and handover

• Oversight and feedback to the client

• Tenancy schedule

Leasing & Marketing Pack

• Offer to Lease, Letter of Intent, MoU

• Lease Agreement

• Rules and Regulations

• Terms and Conditions

• Sales / Leasing brochures

• Detail Sheets

• Fact sheets

Marketing Strategy And Coordination

Using all available mediums including on-site light boxes, billboards, print material, media and digital channels, The VSQUARE Services specialized team increases traffic and brand awareness. We coordinate tenants to participate in combined promotions, loyalty programs and events. Our multi-channel strategies are designed to reach and engage customers, particularly the growing digital audience. Our team creates original concepts, documents strategies and presents actionable plans that demonstrate benefits to retailers, ensuring site-wide participation to ensure success.

Marketing Collateral

With a strong internal team and partners, VSQUARE Services can coordinate all elements of a successful campaign, including concept and design, web development and digital advertising. Our forward-thinking marketing practices include rapidly growing channels like SEO and Google Ads without sacrificing attention to proven methods like public relations, print advertising and billboards. In the modern retail market, you must reach your customers where they are active whether it’s on the street or on Facebook. Our creativity, knowledge of the market and modern practices ensure your brand, and the brands of your tenants, enjoy excellent visibility.

Shopping Mall Branding

• Standardized Brand name display

• Logo design and style guide

• Taglines and slogans

• Mission and vision statements

• Brand story

• Print collateral

• Merchandise

• Advertising campaigns

• Public relations

Planning And Budget

• Marketing Plan

• Budgeting

• Campaign Planning

• Event calendar

• Project management

• Reporting

Traditional Marketing

• Mall-wide promotions

• Onsite advertising

• Standardized Outdoor advertising and billboards

• Brochures and flyers

• On-site signage and lightboxes/billboards

• Video production and hosting

• Newspaper and television advertising

Digital Marketing

• Loyalty programs

• Social media advertising

• Search engine and display advertising

• Website design and development

• Content marketing

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

• Email Marketing

• Subscription and memberships

Event Marketing

• Customer events

• Trade shows

• Event sponsorships

• Digital events

• Event coordination

• Public relations

• Public relations