About Us

About US

VSQUARE Services is driven by its philosophy of adhering to the highest level of service standards and providing world class customer service experience. We are majorly into the business of Facility Management Services and been successfully managing projects Like CENTRA MALL, LEGEND SQUARE (Business Center), Aspen Heights, GOURMET MALL & many more. VSQUARE is about to spread its wings across India, currently operational in Delhi, Haryana, Noida & Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) caters to a range of the customers spanning with small/medium/large corporate and individuals. Committed to excellence and quality, our handpicked team of skilled executives work towards providing with the finest specialized services including Mall Maangement, PMC, Security Services, Real Estate investments, Leasing & Maintenance of the respective project.

Project Management Consulting

Project Management is one of VSQUARE core specialties. Our project management leaders have successfully managed projects of varying magnitudes – everything from large-scale, enterprise- wide projects to small project teams deploying front-line initiatives. Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to get you there. Our team can parachute in at any phase of the project life cycle, roll up their sleeves, and get right to it.

We Provide Specialized care & Maintenance which results in an environment that you can trust to remain pristine & timeless.

Our Core Values

Vsquare Mall Management Experts

Shopping malls must provide their retailers with a comfortable environment to rent their space and for customers to visit them. It is no easy task for them to streamline everyday visitors because of the complex layout of the mall and its management system.

Mall Management System by VSQUARE provides effective retail solutions to automated customer analytics and gives insight to the retailers.

Our mall management system provides real-time data, like demographics of the mall, people and vehicle count, heat mapping etc. with various other performance solutions.


• Increase retail avenues

• Enhance marketing across shopping malls and retail shops

• Lease efficiently in a data-driven manner

• Plan shopping mall operations guided by data analytics

• Run surveys and collect feedback

• Build shopping mall CRM


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